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Original Character, Object, Background and Landscape Renderings

Dreamation Productions’ in-house graphic artist, Natasha Masciarelli, has been creating 2D and 3D art illustrations and renderings over the past 20 years for on-line, on-air, and print publications, including books, technical guides, magazines, brochures, TV commercials, flash content, and various websites. She is highly talented in creating human and animal characters, landscapes and backgrounds, as well as various inanimate objects. If you are looking for someone to convey your thoughts into digital media, contact Dreamation Productions today for a free price quote.




Beautifully Crafted Motion Graphics, Banner Ads, Page Content, and E-cards

We have over 20 years of experience in creating custom animated graphics, banner ads, page elements/content, all-flash sites, and e-cards. So whether you are looking to entertain and engage an audience or driving traffic, market new sales and promotions, or promoting brand identity on the web, Dreamation Productions’ award-winning graphic artist, Natasha Masciarelli, will work with you in developing an motion graphic or ad that is best suited to your particular needs and specs. Please contact us for a free price quote.


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Hand-crafted, Unique, Professional Brand Identity

One of the most valuable marketing assets of a business, product, or service is the visual marker by which it chooses to be identified with. With that being said, a logo must be carefully crafted to ensure it properly conveys the attributes, values, purpose, strengths, and passions of the entity in which it represents. Therefore choosing the right talent to embark on something of such importance should be taken very seriously. Dreamation Productions strives to provide its clients an outstanding product best suited for their needs and purposes.

Our award-winning graphic artist, Natasha Masciarelli, works one-on-one with clients in developing a brand identity suited to their particular business, organization, or individual needs and specs. Cost can run as low as $300 for a very simplistic, but elegant and original vector-based designs, to $1000.00 and up for more complex, three demensional, high-end designs.

Because the complexity and time involved varies from project to project, estimated price quotes are given only after an initial consultation with the client to determine what the clients' needs and expectations are. Please contact Dreamation Productions for a free, no-obligation price quote.




Eye-catching, Hand-grabbing, Hard-copy Creations

Printed marketing materials – including business cards, letterhead, magazines, newsletters, posters, fliers, brochures, advertisements, promotional and conference materials – are a great way to curtail your marketing dollars to a more specific audience. Well-crafted materials often enjoy a longer life-span in the hands of potential clients and gives loyal customers a tool for advertising your product or service, by giving them hard copy materials to pass on to friends and acquaintances. Our cost for designing printed materials is typically $50 per hour, but can vary depending on job. Contact Dreamation Productions today for a free price quote.


Sample business card, front and back.



Custom, High-end Website Designs

Dreamation Productions offers custom, high-end web design services for small to mid-size businesses and organizations; as well as individuals seeking a presents on the web.

All designs are custom made in-house, by award-winning graphic designer, Natasha Masciarelli. What does that mean to clients? Our clients enjoy the personal, one-on-one meetings and interactions that comes with a professional designer to work with you in developing a one-of-a-kind site that's geared to drive business to your door!

Web site costs vary depending on the size, programming requirements, and complexity, please contact Dreamation Productions for a free price quote today.